Sports Betting in Australia

In Australia, betting on sports is a popular activity. Sports betting is available through apps and online websites. The best sites offer a wide range of different betting markets. They include sports such as soccer, tennis, rugby union, basketball and cricket.

Betting is a growing business, but the regulations governing the industry are still fairly strict. This is mainly due to the Interactive Gaming Act of 2001. No company in Australia can operate a sports betting operation without a license.

Sports wagering has become widespread, with millions of Australians placing bets on major sporting events. Gambling on sports is a global phenomenon. There are numerous international gaming companies that market products to Australia.

Most wagering operators in Australia target young men. Males are more likely to place sports bets than females. Those with a university education are also less likely to make sports bets.

Gambling on sports is a symbiotic relationship. It’s not a bad idea to learn more about the betting markets before you start to place your bets.

One of the most widely watched sports in Australia is rugby union. Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts have also been increasingly popular in recent years.

There is some evidence that betting on sport is becoming more addictive. Researchers found that people who bet regularly on bigger bets had more frequent high risk behaviour. Moreover, the number of bets decreased with age.

Another study in Australia examined the characteristics of sports bettors. The survey included a sample of nearly 15,000 Australian sports fans, to assess their gambling behaviour.

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